Coming Soon to Train Spirits – Sons of Falling Stars

This February 1, Train Spirits will bring you one of the most thrilling fantasy series you’ll ever read. Set in the ancient Salem township, three children are thrown into one of the most grueling battles of witches, vampires, and weird creatures that you never knew existed.

See how their friendship is transformed by the desire of old faction wars and evil witches. the series will launch on February 1 with bi-weekly chapters, quizzes, and prizes at the end of each chapter.  Join now.

Sons of Falling Stars

Sons of falling Stars

Two powerful witch clans fight for the right to crown the future queen. The old queen is dying and must name her heir but her heart is saddened by the rivalry that shrouds a decision that only she has the right to make. As the violence and destruction mounted, she traveled far to seek the counsel of the Oracle.  Their recommendation is painful but she knows there is little choice.

With her last spell, she summoned the new heir to be born with the signal of the falling star on the last blood moon. But the clans tried to trick her by bewitching her wand. In her rage, the witch queen cast a cruel spell on both factions.

The blood moon would bring three children. One princess from each clan and one human boy. The first princess to receive a voluntary kiss from this moggle will become the new witch queen.

Join Train Spirits as the story twists and unravels through the dread of powerful magic, wizardry, monsters, battles, and cruelty beyond any Fantasy you have ever read.


“Just blown out! Amzingly magical…” Pitforks and Saddles

“Williams is deliberately twisted, where did those things come from!’  Beneath Falling Skies

“Thrilling, unbelievingly thrilling.”  Out On a Limb

“Well I never knew vampire drank souls…that’s scary.’ Twisted Unicorns Magazine

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